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Big Fat Feet....


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I'm having HORRIBLE swelling in my feet/legs. Is this "potsy"? anyone else deal with this? could it be related to the toprol? i don't know if that's a side effect....

and last night i had HORRIBLE charlie horses, too. should i take a diuretic maybe? any suggestions?

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Swelling of lower extremities is a common symptom of POTS. I think it can also be a side effect of beta blockers--if your dose is too high? POTS patients definitely do not want to take a diuretic, as you are already volume compromised. Try elevating your feet for extended periods, if that is possible. Does the swelling go down at night after you've been in bed for awhile?

Many of us get those awful muscle cramps/charlie horses. I get them at night just as I am settling down to sleep at times. There have been some discussions on this topic. I think some people have found relief with magnesium supplements. I haven't tried that yet.

If this swelling is a new symptom and is more than just mild, I would recommend that you contact your doctor.


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I also have terrible swelling of my legs and feet especially, but I don't take a beta blocker anymore. sometimes it gets so bad, that I can't even curl my toes-I do notice it is worse in the summer-when it is warm. I find that compression hose works really great for this. I also think it helps to keep your feet elevated.

I agree with the others that you should bring it up to your dr.

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