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Overwhelmed, And Need Advice!!!


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Okay, I knew it was coming out in the Sunday magazine edition, but it came out on their online edition yesterday. Now, keep in mind that I don't work because any stress just aggravates my POTS and gives me anxiety. Well, my job normally is to do email correspondence and paperwork for our business. As you might have guessed, we have had a ton of email since the story broke and I am trying to take orders and answer pertinent emails, AND I AM GETTING OVERWHELMED!

So, I broke out the Propranolol that I had filled and had never taken to see if it would help calm down my system. I only took about 5 mg. to make sure it didn't make me feel weird, but so far not. My question is, does Propranolol seem to quell the stress hormones for you? I really need it to. I already take Xanax at bedtime and don't want to take it during the day.

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I understand that overwhelming feeling I do hope you get some relief.

We just have a lot going on right now and I can't really handle it well.

My son's birthday is tomorrow. I feel guilty that we're not doing anything major for him but I'm not really up to it.

And think about Easter bunny activity.

I had evaluation for my daughter for her preschool yesterday.

These are just normal life events and I freak out.

I do feel for you and hope that you can relax and just handle one email at a time?

I'm trying to drink water every time I get nervous-I should be well hydrated!


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Beta blockers reduce the amount of reaction from your sympathetic nervous system, in response to the stressors and "Stress Hormones." They do not reduce the amount of stress hormones, just your bodies reaction to them. As we all know, the sympathetic nervous system can be stimulated by nicotine, caffeine, stress, allergies and other excitants... Beta blockers reduce the effects. If your definition of overwhelmed is that in a POTS sense, the propanolol is probably fine. If it is that you are mentally overwhelmed, I would opt for a xanax, if you are allowed (is it okay with your doc and your other meds). Take your HR before taking the propanolol. Only you know what you can handle. I think you need to nip the cause of your symptoms in the butt, not the symptoms, so that you can really, really feel better!! (ask doc if you can take a 1/2 of xanax).

Call your doc and talk to triage nurse and demand a call back before the day is over, b/c you want a fix before the weekend hits. I don't want you to suffer anymore than you have to! I know a lot of people who take xanax 3times/day and are just fine. I however, notice that since I started Toprol XL, I am less anxious!! I am calmer, and more funtional. Celebrity singers often take beta blockers before performances, to reduce their tachycardias and sweating related to their stress!

I hope the storm blows over quickly and you can only do, what you can do!! Let other people stress over it! You take it easy, and treat yourself to something good.

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Hi Sue,

I also handle the "business" side of our small business and often feel very out-of-control following an ad or newspaper article. I can relate. I carry the company phone (a cell) with me. At times, it makes me CRAZY. I have had to pull over when driving more times than I can count just to write down pertinent info or juggle our appt. schedule.

You are not alone. I can relate. I'm sending c-a-l-m-i-n-g energy your way. I hope the craziness is kept to a minimum.


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Thank you all for your advice. I made it through my first dose of Propranolol. I was wondering though, about what it will do when I get hot. I get lightheaded when I get in temps of over 77ish, as my hands start swelling and I can just feel my blood vessels dilating because of the heat. Won't a beta blocker be dilating my vessels also? If so, I don't know if it will help or hurt my heat intolerance. Anybody know?

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