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First, you have to make sure you're not on any meds that are dangerous to the baby, and get off those before planning on getting pregnant. After getting pregnant, yes, you're once a month cardiology visits are probably normal given that you've had preeclampsia. POTS alone does not pose any specific cardiology risk--in fact, many women with POTS report feeling BETTER during pregnancy.

We have several members who've had babies and/or are pregnant now. Perhaps they'll reply and give you some of their own specific input.

Nina :P

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I can only offer some input from my own experience. With my first pregnancy, I didn't seem to have any problems carrying my son. The delivery was difficult and I did end up with some preeclampsia right at the end of the pregnancy. But at that time I didn't have any symptoms of POTS. Immediately after delivery, they popped up-but it wasn't until 18 yrs later I got the right diagnosis. Dr Grubb seems to think that my pregnancy was the cause of my POTS, however, I can look back at my childhood and kind of wonder.

With my second pregnancy, things were totally different. I constantly had tachycardia. I ranged from 110-200 all the time. I was miserable to put it nicely. I would end up in the ER about 4 times a week with my heart racing. I had seen a cardiologist but they didn't want to give me anything because they were afraid of what it would do to the baby. So they would just keep me in the ER for hours with oxygen until they could get my HR down. Towards the end of my pregnancy, my OB Dr was extremely concerned. I didn't look right to him one day, he checked my Hr and it was 170. He called my cardiologist and sent me over VIA his nurse immediately. There was conflict between the two drs. When I was 34 weeks I started having sx of CHF and went into premature labor. THey stopped it 3 times. They kept me in the hospital but still refused to give me any betablocker, they mainly kept me for the PTL. One morning I told my nurse that I was having contractions and she refused to believe me, I kept begging for her to check me or call the Dr. After 3 hours of asking, the dr finally came in. I was 6 cm dilated. the nurse apologized and my son was born 1 hour later.

During labor and my quick delivery-thank goodness-my heart rate never got below 160 even with pushing(but I only had to push 3 times).

THings got some better for a short period after my second son was born but soon flared up again.

After seeing what I went through, my husband has a vasectomy when Derrick was 5 months old. He said we weren't going through that again with my health.

Keep in mind, we still didn't know about POTS.

I just found out a year ago and my boys are 19 and almost 17.

I am not saying these things to discourage you or scare you, I just wanted to share my experience. Many people with POTS do wonderful with pregnancy. And things have changed dramatically in the OB field since then. That is my specialty as a nurse(or was-I am now having to file for disability)

Sorry to rattle on, was there any specific questions you have?? I will try to help if I can. But I want to reemphasize, MANY people do great with pregnancy-and even though I didn't-I am still here!!

Are you pregnant now? If you stated it already, I'm sorry. I haven't been on the site much lately due to feeling VERY POTSY!!!

Hugs to you,


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My cardiologist said the Toprol is somethining I can take during pregnancy, so I'm excited about that. That was one of the first things I asked him when he prescribed it because I want to have a baby so badly.


I appreciate you sharing your story. I can't believe it took you eighteen years to find any answers!!!! I know the past five years that I have been dealing with this have been DRAINING, and disheartening to say the least. I couldn't imagine having to go through it another 13 years. And there are a lot of meds that can be taken during pregnancy now. I was on Labetolol with my daughter (among a million other things). Oh, and I am not pregnant now. We thought we would start trying six+ months ago, but it's been one hurdle after another with my health. I had all kinds of tests run, and everything was a mess...so it's been pretty hard for me. so you can understand what a relief it is to finally figure out what is going on. anyway, I really appreciate you guys answering some of my questions. I feel like I can relate to both of you in so many ways. What a RELIEF. After awhile, you really do start to feel like you are going insane - that you are making yourself sick, and that's all it is. I'm so glad to know I'm not insane. What a good feeling that is...

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