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Excessive Yawning

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I have always yawned a lot. Sometimes I get really long yawns a few times a minute that just don't stop. Once I was on a date and the guy thought I wasn't interested because I couldn't stop yawning. I read on the forum that this means I need more oxygen, but why do I continue to yawn then? I don't notice any triggers that bring it on. I don't get extra symptoms when I yawn, it's just annoying that I unintentionally offend people with it.

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I yawn a lot and even when I ought to be rested. Yawning is also one of the things that hits me when I stand still for a while... along with other symptoms like lightheadedness, et al. I just figure it's an intuitive response that is trying to increase blood flow to the brain. Not sure if that's an official medical explanation but it seems to fit.

I yawned excessively while I was being fired once. It was noticeable enough to my boss that they mentioned it to a former co-worker who told me about it. I guess they thought I was being a jerk and act unaffected or something... when in reality I was mostly just in a lightheaded daze. I think people misinterpret a lot of little things like that, such as your date that though you were disinterested!

Hmm, that gives me hope that perhaps some of the ladies I managed to bore were actually just oxygen deprived and not truly disinterested in me... perhaps some were oxygen deprived enough to forget to call me back... I best call a few back and give them a second chance, just in case :)

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Ok, Here's the scoop. I looked over several web sites (reputable) and excessive yawning is when you're yawning 1-4 times a minute. Some of the causes may be:


~Sleep Apnea

~Insufficient Oxygen



~Cardiac conditions


**The reason that hit home with me the most, because many time it's part of POTS, is vasovagal reaction, where the vagus nerve interferes with your blood vessels. This may indicate heart problems.

You might want to write down other symptoms, times of day, what's going on when you go into an excessive yawning period. Medline Plus has a good article on this, but if you put in 'excessive yawning' into Google, you'll find lots of good info. I'd check it out with your doctor, just to make sure there's nothing serious going on.

Hope this helps!


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I though I was the one who started everyone else yawning. I have a real problem with it at times. Erik you are soo funny, hope you remember all their #'s! lol

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