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More strange symptoms


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My understanding is that any types of lines or pock marks in the fingernails are related to body chemistry problems - something is too high or too low (vitamin, mineral, toxicity, etc.).

Sudden sleepiness for me can almost always be traced to a sudden and drastic drop in blood sugar. When that hits me (it's truly debilitating!), I will put about 2 swallows of coffee in a mug and fill it the rest of the way with hot water. I am incredibly intolerant of caffeine, but when used like this (used "medicinally") it almost always is a great help to me.

Sore or painful ears - can you be more specific? I have trouble, too, but don't know if it's the same as yours. It's hard to explain, but it's not constant like an ear ache and it's not the ear skin. But if I pull on my ear or try to relieve an itch just inside it, or sometimes even just dry my ears after a shower, it can result in horrible, sudden pain. I've not come across anybody yet who seems to understand what I mean or who has experienced it. Maybe somebody here will know . . .

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My husband use to give me shiatsu massages and wehn he use to get to my ears it would hurt so badly. Then when I started seeing my Chinese Doctor she said that the ear has all kinds of points realted to things in your body. She even puts tiny needles that are on tape that stay on my ears when she thinks I need an extra boost. I am not thinking well today so I can't explain it very well but it may be that you are hitting certain points. I know the top of my ear inside is very painful!!

I also have the strange nail things you have but never knew what caused that.

I hope I helped when I am clearer I will explain better if you want.

Stacey :-)

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Mine is a terrible pain that has nothing at all pleasant, nor does it feel like it relieves anything. I wish it did!


The ear has more than 100 acupuncture/acupressure points, all correlating to specific parts of the body. I know there must be an ear chart somewhere on the web. See if you can find one, then identify the correlating point on your ear that is painful. It will tell you what part of the body is out of balance, then you can pur pressure on that point as often as you think about it to work toward restoring the balance. The taped needles is a great idea - never heard of anyone doing that, but I have had acupunture in my ears.

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