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Flu Shots


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I had my flu shot yesterday. I have been milking a cold/sinus thing but had been feeling pretty well for the past few days. Well today I feel like I am getting sick all over again. Do you think this could be a side effect of teh flu shot. I feel somewhat tired, stuffy nose, somewhat itchy (eyes and throat).

I've had a cold for a month now and I hope I'm not getting another one on top of it.

Also, about 20 minutes to 1 hour after I had the shot I felt kind of weird - light sensitive, shaky, cold, but it did pass. Do you think that could've been a reaction.

My actual POTS seems not to be too affected by all this, so that is good news anyway!

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It is pretty normal after the vaccination to feel a bit sickly. The shot sets off an immune response. I usually get lots of aching at the injection site and feel really tired the next day or so, along with a bit like I'm coming down with a cold but not quite that bad.


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