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Salt Or Taste Bud Damage


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After 25 years of weird stuff this is one of the scariest. I was having a small bowl of homemade organic veg soup & decided to add a few saltine crackers, which I don't normally eat. The soup was good, I tried it w/o crackers. The first bite with the crackers was excruciatingly sp? salty. I thought I would adjust to it but after 3 or 4 more bites I couldn't eat anymore. After that every bite of food I try to eat taste so salty & horrible I almost throw up. I tried a slice of bread, bite of apple, peppermint candy, baked potato, milk. Everything taste so horrible I would throw up if I tried to eat it. My throat & tongue are sore & raw on one side. My DH tasted the crackers & said they taste ok to him.

What is going on with me. I'm on no medication. The only thing I've done different is use Estriol bio-idential hormones (pea size) & only used it twice & didn't use it yesterday. Could that small amount of something change my body this much?

Anyone else experienced anything like this? If I don't get where I can eat what will I do. I don't know a dr that would know what to do with me. Thanks.

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The throat & tongue being asymmetrically sore seems extra fishy. I had a shingles rash ages ago and it was on just one side... thigh region. It's basically a re-emergence of the chickenpox virus. I've read it can emerge in places one wouldn't expect like the eye... wonder if it could hit tongue & throat??? I don't know if that's possible.

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Thanks for your replies. I hope shingles can't get in your throat & mouth, Would shingles make everything taste bitter? The only thing I've managed to eat is 1/2 raw carrot. All the dr's are off for the holiday weekend. Hopefully I will be better by Mon. Hope you have a good weekend.

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