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Long time, no post.


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Hi Everyone,

I have not posted in a while and have not been able to keep up on posts lately, so I hope everyone is doing as well as possible under the circumstances. I am coming to you guys with this question because there is so much knowledge on this site!

I was wondering if weak, wobbly, spaghetti legs that come on suddenly could be POTS/Dysautonomia related? It almost feels like I don't have any blood in my legs. Sometimes my arms feel the same way.

Thanks as always for any replies. I appreciate all of the great info and advice I have received from the members here!


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I have to say yes, I am a "s'ghetti" legger. It comes and goes, but is usually worse when I try to do to much. Sometimes it just hits me and then I am really glad I have a cane for a little extra balance and support. Right now it one of the main reasons I'm in the house lately. Sometimes it seems like they aren't even there and I'm waiting to suddenly fall over. My left leg is worse than my right, but they can both act up at the same time. My arms aren't usually that bad, but I do have rare little bouts of trouble.

What to do? Good question, I try to be a trooper and keep moving, even if it is just little trips around the house. But we all know how that goes sometimes.

I have had several tests for muscle weakness, but..... they usually come back "normal".


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I get that type of feeling in my legs if I stand too long or do too much. Usually I just try to sit down some with my legs close to my chest that way the blood can get moving more, my doctor said to sit down like tying your shoe should help some. I get the feeling in my arms too but not so badly. For most things I usually just 'knuckle through' so I cant help much :o

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