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Dehydration, IV Fluids, and Relief


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When I can't keep anything down, fluids I mean, I just call my Gp and he sets up a saline IV for a quick fix. I also usually get a antinausea med at the same time. I have pills, but sometimes they just don't work and my Bp just bottoms out. If I don't get the IV fast enough, I have a really hard time getting one started and turn into "the human pin cushion" before they are done. There were times when I first got sick that I kind of wish they had given me a central line. It did help but only for a day or so, by then I was usually able to drink enough to keep myself going.


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I have not gone into hospital for IV Fluids. But I can mention that I had to go 12 hours with out water for a recent operation. I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS AT ALL! After the operation I was like a fish out of water I just drank and drank and drank. It took four days to get my "water level" back to normal again. We seem to dehydrate very quickly. I know I drink water like crazy as it is. My cardiologist recently told me it would even help with my heart. Just drink lots of water and remember this if you ever have to go into hospital again. :lol:

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