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5 Htp Instead Of Ssri

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Do you want the SSRI because of the frustration or do you want it because you've heard it helps with POTS?

I tried to take 5HTP for depression when I first got symptoms and Doctors were ignoring me! I didn't feel that it made any difference, but I could have been taking it at too low a dose...


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I took it for about 3 months in 2007, but at quite a low dose, so I could have got it completely wrong and maybe it needed a higher dose. I took something like 10mg a day... try taking something like 30mg or 50mg. I don't think it does you any harm..

My Doctor wouldn't allow me to go on an SSRI (this was before the POTS/Dysautonomia diagnosis) because he didn't believe that I was ill. I went so many times to the Doctor and said "I'm ill all the time, I'm really depressed," and he just dismissed me. That's why I resorted to trying St John's Wort and 5HTP. After I finally got diagnosed I felt less depressed because I was more in control of what it was and I could read stuff on the internet and join groups like this.

I do think though, that SSRI's would lessen my symptoms, as I have a lot o sympathetic nervous system involvement, and SSRIs reduce that.

Will you let me know how you get on with 5HTP? I might try it again.

I'm sorry you're so frustrated, we are all here for you


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