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Low. Low, Bps-------sitting


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Just wondering if any of you get really low BPs sitting? My BPs have been low all day, and last reading was 87/62. I haven't felt great----WEAK. I'm so afraid of getting the fever my son and his girls are getting. The girls-----19 months, and 5 years old got over it quickly, but my son is having a rough time with it. He said it finally broke, but it might come back like it did previously. He also has shingles whihc have caused a lot of pain. He's on meds for that, I forgot the name, but it's some kind of medication used for shingles and herpes. He got a really light case of chicken pox when he was 7, AND gave a really bad case to my husband back then who was 24. MY son is now 28, and his shingles are probably a result of the LIGHT case of chicken pox he had when he was younger. They said if you get a really light case when your younger-----(I think he only had a few on him), then your more prone to shingles later).

A little while ago I put ice on my spine, and my BP went back up to 107/68. My neck/spine & lower head have been a mess lately---as you know from other postings. My pulses have been low with the low BPs----around 60 to low 60s which is unusual for me. My pulse did go up a little to 72bpm when my BP went up, so it looks like my body is trying to fix the situation---------------amazing how our bodies work.

I'm wondering what the heck is going on............ :blink:

Maxine :0)

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Maxine, I often have BP readings as low as yours when I'm sitting. And these days my HR is often in 50's, even when my BP is low. Sometimes I have high normal BP readings as well.. I've given up trying to figure it all out.

I have neck/ C spine issues as well but I don't think it's connected to my BP problems. I have a consult with a neurosurgeon in a few weeks.

Hope you don't end up getting sick.

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Hi Maxine,

I certainly hope you don't pick up the illness running through your family. When I pick something up, I tend to get it worse and for a longer time period than others. I also have low BP, whether I'm sitting or standing. It's usually the highest when I'm lying down (100/75 or so). First thing this morning, after I'd been up for 10 minutes, my BP was 68/59 and HR was 105 standing. This was rather unusual because normally my HR is 60 sitting/lying and it'll jump to about 125-140 when my BP is that low. Must be something in the water.

Take care,


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That's one of my biggest dilemnas. When I sit my heartrate and bp plummet and when I stand they both go way up. My understanding is that the blood pools when we are sitting too long as well and can cause a bp drop. I try to sit with my legs elevated and move around alot. Heartrate is often in the low 40s when I sit or lie down and I have had syncope lying down. Makes the POTS very hard to treat.

Hope you feel better and do not catch what your son has....hope he feels better soon too.

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