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Which Mayo Clinic location are you referring to? I've been to both the Scottsdale and then the Rochester, MN centers. I saw Dr. Brent Goodman, a neurologist with a subspecialty in POTS at Rochester, and loved him. I think one of the most important things to remember at any of the Mayo Clinics is to make arrangements to stay longer than your initial appointments if necessary. You may just see your doctor first, or your doctor and have a couple of tests run, and then they usually will refer to you to other tests/docs as necessary. Usually these appointments are within a day or two of your initial visit. When I went, I was scheduled for 3 days of appointments (over a weekend), and then we ended up staying 10 days.

If you're going to Rochester, there's a great underground walkway system that connects to a couple of hotels. Very easy to get around, and the cafeteria food isn't half bad!



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I did not like her. She didn't listen very well and ignored the input of other physicians. I didn't feel she was a good team player.

She also jumped down my throat telling me I should be better now (I've had this disorder for a long time) and that most people improve. I felt it was the mentality of, "Since most people see improvement and you don't then this must be your fault or something you haven't done well enough"

She told me I should "move on with my life" (I have no idea what she thought I was already trying to do!)

I have seen others in that dept at Mayo and I would choose one of the others over her if I had a choice.

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