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Food Get Sstuck In Thraot When Swallowing Sometimes


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Last couple of days i get this feeling of flushing as far as like adrenaline or panicky feeling and i feel problems with one side of my head /face. For example today i felt it while making my dinner, although i felt so so today kind of good in some spots of the day. What happened was the right side of my head felt a bit funny, and my throat started hurting on the right side. Basically on my neck right under my chin on the side of my throat. So i sat down to eat because i felt scared a bit from the doom sensation. I started eating and immediately a piece of food got stuck in the part of my throat that hurt like ti wouldn't swallow it. I moved it with my hand went down fine, i seemed to eat the rest of my food OK but my throat still hurts there.

Anyone know why this would happen? it *****.

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This used to happen to me all of the time. I had such a hard time eating... even when i wasn't feeling "doom". When I have intense fear I don't even try to eat. I will say that after 2 months on Lexapro... I have noticed that I almost neevr have trouble swallowing. I think this is a positive for me on the medications. Also I still feel fear for no reason and have a crazy startle reflex but the medication has helped this as well. Good luck!

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