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Good morning,

I am going to see a new internist on Tuesday and I want to go back on some kind of anti-depressant. I am always nervous about starting new meds. I am on Proamatine 2.5 three times a day. Seems to be working okay but I need something for energy and anxiety. ANY SUGGESTIONS on a SSRI would be greatly appreciated. I tried Celexa (only for 3 days) gave me tachycardia but that was before I knew I had Pots. So the fast heart rate could be from the POTS not the Celexa. I used Paxil for 3 years with minor side affects, weight gain, sexual and just plain unemotional to all things. Have any of you tried Effexor, I read up on it and it has the added benefit of raising blood pressure. I am still learning about POTS, I was dx about 4 months ago. Thanks for all your help ;)


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I seem to do well with Celexa--although it took me several weeks to stabilize. The first 2 weeks were particularly difficult, but most of the side effects disappeared after that.

There are a bunch of other SSRI's, including:

Lexapro, Luvox, Zoloft and Prozac

For some people, the only way you may find out what works for is to try something while under the care of your doctor. It's also possible that SSRI's just aren't the way to go for you.

And, there is also Straterra, which is an SNRI (acts on norepinephrine instead of serotonin). Some people with POTS have reported good results with it.


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Hello Nicole

I've been on Effexor since April. I take 150mg. every day in the morning. I tried Celexa, prozac and I was wiped out. I mean Effexor is supposed to give you more daytime energy, but I have FULL BLOWN POTS as my Doc says so its hard for me to tell. But I do know the Effexor is better for me than the others. Hope this helps.

Oh, and chances are you will not be Hungry and you will loose weight.


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celexa has the lowest side effect profile out of all the ssri's...although everyone's drug reaction is different, so it still may not be that great for you. personally, i seem to have a sensitivity to drugs generally, but after two weeks on celexa all my side effects vanished completely.

i also tried zoloft, and had a terrible time on it. stuck with it for three months, but it was still doing me in at that point.

anyway, in terms of anxiety and energy and ssri's, celexa is the only one i know of in the family that is actually sometimes used specifically as an anti-anxiety med.

for energy, wellbutrin, because it acts primarily on norepinephrine and dopamine (which would help with energy) and is also a weak seratonin agonist.

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Thank you for your imput, I went to the doctor yesterday, my internist and my cardiologist decided Celexa would be the best choice for me. I am gonna start this weekend (when my family is around) I am a nervous nilly when it comes to trying new meds. I am sooo looking forward to not being full of anxiety. ;)

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