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Went To 4th Of July Parade... Now I'm Paying For It :(


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Well, for the first time in 3 years, it was cool enough and not too sunny out, so I decided to tag along with the family to the parade. I brought my reclining chair and we parked right where we sat. I stayed in the shade. I drank plent fluids for the enitre 2 hours. Basically did everything I could so I'd be somewhat okay. Well, I did okay, but just from those 2 hours of being out of the house, I'm exhausted and feeling a delayed sensory thing going on.

Does anyone here get a sensory overload or something like this from being around noice, etc. I'm not sure what it is but it feels like my body is buzzing or vibrating, kind of shaking - but on the inside, not something you can see or feel on the outside. I can't explain it. I'm not sure if there's something that helps this or just try to get a nap in and see if that resets my body some. Any helpful ideas or understanding of this sensation would be great :)

- Tammy

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Sorry you're not feeling well. That's the reason I try not to be in noisey crowds. Sometimes I will think I've done ok & then when I go to bed & try to relax I will start shaking or some other weird symptom. It would be good if you could take a nap & relax. If not you might feel better to take something to help relax you b/4 you go to bed. It always seems if I get out & enjoy myself I end up paying for it. Hope you're better soon.

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Yes...overstimulation is no good for me....my kids bank the cabients and I freak.

BUT I do have to tell you....I had my boyfriend and another family over for the 4th. I layed down prior to them getting here. I laid on the chaselounge under the overhand on my patio after the rain cooled things off. I let the men cook...I let the kids swim...my friend put out the store bought potato salad and store bought cookies...everyone helped themselves and I actually had a good time!!!

Around 7 the other family left...my daughter cleaned up! When the sun went down my kids did sparklers on the driveway while i sat in my lawn chair with my feet up!!!

Not bad at all!!! An I loved the company.....they are goood enough friends that if i have to lay down with a rag on my head they don't mind at all!


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