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Poor Michael Jackson


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His life wasn't his own. I feel he was never a truly happy man, and never had a childhood.

His father scares me, and I often wonder if Michael was abused. It seems as if he was in training/practice mode most of his waking hours, and his father was more interested in his son's talent then anything.

I think his doctors were only interested in money also, and they just wanted to keep the "money machine" going-------------at whatever the cost.

I blame his doctors and his father for any drug abuse that occured.

Rest in Peace Michael.

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it's common knowledge Joe Jackson routinely beat Michael as a child before performances. HE HAD NO CHILDHOOD folks! MJ had his fathers nose which led to the first plastic surgery as he saw his father when he looked in the mirror. He then obviously suffered body dysmorphic disorder but plastic surgeons were offered HUGE sums of money to disfigure him

THose who tried to be honest and warn Michael of addictions, he avoided..he SURROUNDED himself by enablers who only told him what he wanted to hear.

He was a geninus in what he did for pop music and appealed world wide to all cultures.

EVEN MORE SICKENING is now that he is dead, the one kid (chandler I think was his name) NOW ADMITS Michael never molested him. I never believed he did either or parents could be blamed for pimping their kids out to stay at MJ's house again and again.

Michael is guilty of making many poor decisions(choosing to be famous for freak behavior stunts, surgeries, people on his payroll, drugs) and avoided those that loved him and wanted his welfare looked after.

Also disgusted is Joe Jackson going to BET awards show (which I did not watch but folks black and white were HORRIFIED how he was remembered, some insulting skits) And Joe promoted his new record album. How Janet Jackson maintained her dignity to thank everybody for their prayers w/o just cussing out the audience and her peers is another mystery.

Joe Jackson's press conference I just heard part of but he is LOVING THIS LIMELIGHT and regaining control of his now, dead son's memory.

Had Michael not be beating into performing (like a great, old soul I might add) he never would've been stuck in Peter Pan syndrome hanging out with little kids.

I've said enough on this and am trying to avoid the media most of the time on this.

Ed McMahon a war heroe and great tv ambassador is forgotten. And poor Farah quickly got swept under the rug once Michael's death was announced (It was reported on TWITTER 90 minutes before news confirmed it)

Sure we knew Farah's death was coming but the reason every nuance and dirty detail of MJ is out there is it was out of the blue. Also he did so many controversial things that the media and folks who watch this junk will lap up every bit of drama as this is all slowly, and painfully played out!! I will not give iti my energy to help the sick cable shows sell ratings.

It's all quite sad.

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