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For My Dear Friend Who Lost Her Mother ...........


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Some of you may remember my school friend Karen who I found after 40 + years of searching and I went to visit her on her 50Th birthday a few yaers ago.

A few days ago after illness Karen lost her beloved mum , a mum who had shown me nothing but care and kindness all the years I had known her even though I was not a memeber of her family , a mum who knew of my pain and heartache and who took me under her protective wing without Karen or her brothers and sisters knowning and who I will be eternally grateful to.

So Karen this is for you .....................

When words fail to ease the pain you are going though.

When silence makes the empty space seem vast,

When loneliness is the only voice that?s guiding you,

And all the memories feel like knives and broken glass.

Though your families love takes way the jagged edges

Making the coldness feel a little less like ice

Nothing really touches that very heart of you,

For all around you is a sad and empty life.

There will be times you wish that you could go with her

To leave this world and be completely free

When all you see is fear and utter darkness,

Then turn to me, just turn to me.

I will be the light that leads you to the sunshine,

The strength you need to start another day,

The hope that brings back loving memories

The hand you hold to face all in your way.

My friend??. time and space has no boundaries for us

We are one that stands together to the last,

For each life we lead is entwined to one anothers,

To our future, for the present and from our past.

Copyright : A-N-A May 2009.

Ami xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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