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Left Corotid Presures Pain


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I have had pressure in my carotid/neck mostly on left side or both at times. But now I am having this pressure/pain nearly everyday. I feel ok with it..but just wonder if its noteworthy to tell my PCP?

OH.. and I started my Rx Clonipin PRN. I take it when I feel myself get tachy to prevent a full blown adrenal surge. Both the Neuro and my beloved PCP said to watch my BP as it can raise it high and I already on a betablocker for high BP. Actually my BP is GOOD and even better when I use the clonidine. Its NOT typical to use clonidine as a PRN med and not continous.

Oh.. how I wish I had thise med YEARS ago.. I would not have gotten so bad.

Anyone else take RX Clonidine?

Thanks Jan

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i also have pain in the left carotid area of my neck very often and it does worry me at times, never switches sides, but i have never gotten it checked and it

hasnt progressed to anything more than just pain........i am not able to leave my home or i would have gotten it checked, if you can, i am sure it would be

good to get it checked....please let us know what happens,


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