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My Son Is Moving To Tucson


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4500 East Sunrise Drive

Tucson, AZ 85718

It hasn't happened yet but that's the plan. Anyone near there that know where he can buy household items CHEAP.

He will arrive nothing but clothes. I've little ability to help financially.

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Hi Pat~

I live here in Tucson - tell him to get ready for some HOT weather! We're already at 100 degrees for this week. You just have to learn to stay in air conditioning, like when I was in the Midwest, and went from heated car to heated building.

Target or Wal-Mart are the best places to pick up smaller items, even some small pieces of furniture. Sam Levitz is the best place to buy new furniture, they've always got a sale going. There are also second-hand shops and the Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc all over the place here. He can also find items in the newspaper.

What will he be doing? Working? Going to school? Is he disabled with his POTS? I can certainly give him info and directions around the city. :rolleyes: I have a son who lives in CA that's 26.



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He is going to the University of Arizona. Not going to Quailridge apts now-but- something closer to the school. Planing to work also. He is leaving Friday AM.

He will be 24 in July. Thanks for the info and offer. I will pass on your info. He will have a house mate at this new address who can help him with logistics. :) Everything seems to good to be true. He got a grant for living expenses- I never heard of that??????

Russell has Wolff Parkinson White and arthritis, both are minor issues for him.

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