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new thank you for your welcomes


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Thanks everyone.

I am getting the stockings.

Yes I have seen three cardiologist. No way will I try a beta blocker. My BP is too low from the AI and to drop it more would make me sick. I use to be a cardiac rehab RN....now I am a rehab job. I was on BB when I was in the initial phase of hyperthryoidism when this all started and it made me sick. I actually took the info from this website and my PCP agreed BB would aggravate my BP's.

SSRI's....Nope. xanax...I think if I took on a more regular basis maybe would snap my ans under control. It works for me and I dont have any adverse side effects from it.

I salt plenty and drink lots of water. My doctor is running 24 hour urine sodium levels. He thinks I am spilling more than I should despite adequate amts of florinef and hydrocortisone.

I try not to set limitations for myself either. I try to maximize my day but realize I have to put rest periods laying flat in between. This disorder is bizarre.

The AI really wasted my muscles and I am trying slowly to rebuild those muscles too.

Why is it in the evening things seem to settle down?

katejude :)

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My theory about evenings is two things:

1) We are better hydrated from chugging water all day, and

2) Things settle down- less stimulation, lower light, and a more relaxed atmospehere in general.

I've always though maybe working in the evenings would suit me, but haven't tried it yet!! At least we know there is a time when we will have some releif...when I was at my worst I used to do everything at 9-10pm (grocery shopping and other errands). Hmmm....

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so funny about the evenings...

my mom is winding down, and i am winding 'up'...as much as i wind up, that us...which isn't much...

but she wakes up in the morning and sees that things are picked up, letters written waiting to be put in the mail, etc. and thinks, when did emily do that? i

it is so funny.

that is an interesting theory, jess...

i was just glad to hear other folks wake up in the evening too...no matter what i do to change my bedtime i go to bed late and get up late...good thing i don't work i guess! my schedule is goofy!

okay, more later alligators!

welcome katejude! will post on your other post later!


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I have always been a night owl too.

Emily- my mom is the same way- we don't live together but when we are visiting, we're always on opposite ends of the spectrum, lol <_< On the plus side, when I wake up in the morning at least the house is clean and laundry done, etc...!!

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