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wake up with headache


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I wake up with a headache every now and then--don't know why. I take ibuprofen and it typically goes away. Sometimes it will stay with me throughout the day, no matter how much ibuprofen I take--going back to sleep usually helps it to resolve in that case. My mom wakes up with headaches regularly (she doesn't have pots/dysautonomia); headaches in the morning is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea--and since she snores, it's possible that's what's going on for her. (She's never had a sleep test and doesn't intend to--it's not that serious. She takes pain relievers and is fine.

Hope you feel better now,


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I used to wake up with headaches quite often, usually on the right side of my neck/head. Two things that may help tremendously: A small snack an hour or so before bed (and don't forget those fluids), and keeping religiously to your bedtime. A strict routine really makes a difference.

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Hi - I wake up with a headache too, almost daily, no matter how much or little sleep I get and with having POTS and EB virus, I try to sleep atleast 9-10 hours at night and nap about 2 hours sometime during the day. I usually take 1 advil and the headache goes away in about an hour from waking up and does not come back the rest of the day. I asked my doctor about this, but of course, since I am my primary dr's only POTS patient, he does not have an answer for this. I need to ask my neurologist this question the next time I see him - probably though, they will say it must be anxiety - When there is no clear cut answer with POTS, that seems to be the response I hear most often. What about you?

Funnyfrog :)

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