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Excellent Miami Doctor


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The doctor I saw today was the bomb he knows how to treat POTS and even taught me great counter manuevers. He knows just how people with POTS feel and showed me how to get my pressure up 10 points by pulling my fingers. To elaborate you use both hands with finger tips touching except the pinky fingers and pull with force as if your pulling them apart. Another move most know about is staying mobile and keeping the calves toned so tensing the calves while sitting and standing by lifting the heals works great. It was Gods grace that I found this guy, I was actually leaving the first Cardiologist very upset because it was my second trip to them and he advised me that the holter system was down and he could not hook it up to me. You think they would have had the sense to call me before I came all the way up there. So me and my attitude left the office, I happen to wonder off into another Cardiologist office and met my new best friend he was great and a great listener. Hope some of this helps......

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You put the rt hand inside the other with the finger tips touching like you pull something apart like pulling your locked finger tips apart. Your arms and elbows would be extended out the thumbs would be the only two fingers not touching each other sorry if I noted pinky fingers before.

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color me stupid...can you take a photo of the hands for this maneuver

But I also know toe raises help (do this while in line at grocery) The cardiologist that informed me of my ttt results shared that tidbit...but my ANS doc is my endocrinologist.

Also squats (pretending to be interested in candy or magazines on lower shelves. :)

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The second of EarthMother's pictures is correct. You put your fingers so that they interlock (pads of fingertips touching each other) (as in the 2nd photo). You put your clasped hands in front of your chest with your elbows up and, basically you try to pull your hands apart whilst gripping with your fingers. This movement causes strong muscle contractions in the arms and this raises you BP slightly.

Whilst the study that firewatcher linked to was just about vasovagal syncope, this movement will work in anyone who has low BP to boost the BP a little. My cardiologist taught me that exercise right after my TTT.

I hope that people can understand how to do the exercise now?


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I don't do well stressing muscles on my arms...i am lucky to get thru two upper body machines at the YMCA. This is like a GIANT isometric exercise.

Thanks for the clarification and the photos.

Earthmother....you are forgiven. I think I am unconfused. :) :)

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