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Flushing Question


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I've been reading a lot of posts about mast cell topics and flushing. I have occasional flushing, but it is almost always a result of emotions/excitability. What causes the type of flushing associated with mast cell activation problems?

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i have serious flushing problems... well i guess i can officially say i had serious flushing problems - they have been rather under control lately... mine started at the same time that i got sick. i never flushed, ever, before. then suddenly i was like red hot all the time. my symptoms resemble those of rosacea, greatly, only with just flushing. i usually flush from cold to warm temps, but also from stress, nervousness, excitement, alcohol, etc. when i was flushing really badly, they would burn badly and i'd be bright red for like eight hours. for the past several months, i have hardly had a flushing problem.

i have no idea what causes it. i went and saw the best rosacea doc in this area, and he said no way to rosacea, and that i clearly had an autonomic problem. he told me the only cure would be to move to hawaii, florida, or southern california where the temperature is constant. he was an ***, but he at least acknowledged it was a clear case of autonomic dysfunction.

i take 10mg of propranolol twice a day, which i believe has helped my flushing immensely.

i am interested in knowing if this is mast cell connected, but i don't have other symptoms of mast cell activation (like hives, etc). i'm not really sure what else would cause it though.

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