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pelvic pain


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This is a list of the most commonly reported symptoms.


Pelvic pain is not among them. It's not impossible that it's related to autonomic dysfunction, however, you should typically only attribute a symptom to POTS after you've had everything else ruled out, such as gynecologic problems, genito-urinary problems, lower bowel issues, etc. If you've not had all the standard routine screenings, i.e. PAP smear, annual exams, gi consult, etc., then those should be done.


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I'm confused--you were just diagnosed with POTS? Or with a condition causing pelvic pain? Did you have a TTT? I don't know that pelvic pain is necessarily associated with pots ... (rapid heart rate yes, low bp yes, and a whole host of other symptoms that are brought on by dysautonomia...) ... but people with pots do often have other conditions concurrently. Is your pain--and your pots--worse at different times of the month? during ovulation (which for me can be quite painful) or just before your period? Maybe that's related...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well...You'll find lots of companionship and advice here, so welcome! (Wish I could help more...) :)

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called doc who said it could be pelvic congestion from blood pooling. he also says he can't give me beta blockers because of my asthma, is this the case for all asthmatics?? also get bad bruises on my legs with a sore lump underneath the bruise, all starts off with that part of my leg getting itchy. so confused about everything at the minute :)

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possibly he is suggestion pelvic congestion syndrome?

that is definitely a possibility...but i don't know much about it or whether your pelvic symptoms match that or something else!

did he order an mri of the pelvis to see if that is the case?

i don't know about the bruises either...out bodies can really throw us for a loop, huh?

i have some symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome, but haven't yet had the mri. probably will sometime in the near future.

it can cause a lot of pooling of blood and symptoms of orthostatic intolerance.


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