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hurricane frances


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Thanks for your concern Emily :P It's been a LOT scary here but we are lucky enough to still have power- wow!! Our friends 2 blocks down have been in the dark since yesterday, but ours just keeps blinking on and off. There are tornado warnings out everywhere and it's been raining pretty heavily since yesterday, and the winds are incredible. I'm at my moms, but apparently our neighborhood is completely flooded, so I'm glad I came up here- I just paid a $500 deductible last week to have my care repaired from a flood we had!!

Overall it was a lot better on the west coast of Florida than the east, and those people are definitely without power and will be for some time- and hopefully they have homes to come back to. The damage is widespread but not as bad as Charley in any one area, they are predicting.

This is the slowest moving storm I've ever seen...it just hangs out here and lingers forever, uugghhh! Then we've got Hurricane Ivan following Frances' path out there somewhere, so let's PRAY that it takes a turn somewhere.

Anyone else in FL??

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I'm in the panhandle of Florida and we're fairing much better than the folks in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, etc. have. Just some light rain and gusts so far. Apparently everyone Tallahassee and eastward is getting the brunt. Thanks for checking! And hang in there Jessica!

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Glad to know that you are doing well up there :rolleyes: We definitely made out better than those east of us as well. David ventured out to Citgo this morning in his Jeep and took this picture of our gas station on the corner:


Straight from Jessica & David's neighborhood, not the news media, lol!! You can see a house in the background wit it's windows boarded up. It seems to be almost over now, just some drizzling and a light breeze...whew...I am going back to West Virginia for the next one, hehe. Talk about anxiety- I have been on edge and practically flipping my lid for 48 hours, it feels good to take a deep sigh of relief. We are safe.

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It has been crazy! I have't had the chance to settle in at all, with the 2 hurricanes and one more on the way- and I was sick for a whole week in between, we've had a nasty flu going around. Of course my POTS symptoms are going crazy right now from the anxiety and NO sleep for 3-4 days (the rain and winds have been so loud at night I can't sleep at all!!). I hope things can get back to normal soon.

Ethan has no clue what is going on, if you ask him where the Hurricane is he points to the TV, thanks to the extensive news coverage, lol :rolleyes: He keeps wanting to go play outside!!

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