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Myspace Question...how To Arrange Front Page


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Hi somebody posted a Facebook link recently for POTS awareness.

I would like to know how the heck ya all arrange these sites. I would like to have LINKS to this place on some myspace page I am trying to arrange but I am stupid and can't even add photos to the FRONT PAGE AREA.

I have things on private also. Anyway, I know this isn't POTS related exactly but I hope the mods will let this question sit here until I get a couple of answers. I run few sites and would like to put DINET links there but first at MYspace, I need to learn what I am going.

I am going to put a link for DINET on a blog I have but MYSPACE is NUTS!!! If somebody can PM me help, please do so.

I have terrible BRAIN FOG and the more I try to THINK of what I am "missing" in the vague directions of MYspace, the more lightheaded I get....it's terrible how lying down with a laptop, I am still such a swiss cheese brain.

What good is it to put links to help support DINET if they are on the wrong page?? and a photo is nice to have on the front page besides a small profile.

Any input for middle aged tech challenged lady would be appreciated!B) It's all about networking and spreading awareness...and learning "hidden secrets" to Myspace and other convoluted sights . . . :)

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I don't have a clue. I'm on facebook, but not myspace. I'm pretty tech savvy and facebook still has me confused sometimes.


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