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Stopping Beta Blocker


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Per the advice of my doctor, I am taking a "break" from the Sectral for a while, just to see if it improves my fatigue, weakness, and constant lightheadedness. I did not have symptoms this bad until I started taking the BB over the summer, and they just seem to be getting worse. I took this med with no problem when i first got sick, but for some reason after the pregnancy I was off all meds for 8 months, and upon starting them again, have not found relief- at least not yet. I am also taking Florinef and Pro-Amatine.

I was wondering if I should expect any effects from abruptly stopping it? Other than tachycardia obviously. Also, if I start to feel better, where should I go from here to control the rapid heart rate? I have talked with my doc about trying different beta blockers, but he hasn't seemed very open to the idea for some reason. We tried Kerlone in the past and had a bad reaction (HR went down to 30 bpm). Any ideas? :P

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It is so very frustrating trying to decide if the side effects of the meds offsets the benefits isn't it? I never realized the effects atenolol had on me until my doctor reduced it gradually over the last several years. Last month I started a trial period to see how I would do without it. I was on a minimal dose because my bp would drop too low but I was shocked at how much BETTER I felt withOUT it! The first few days were rough because I had weird left chest pains and on day 2 the WORST brain fog ever but at the end of the week, I felt clearminded, much more energetic etc.

PArt 2 of the plan was to start trying to exercise to recondition my heart. Previously, I couldn't do much more than exercise bike 2 or 3 times a week for 3 minutes, maybe 4 before becoming symptomatic. I am now up to 10 minutes!

I really have to be even more aware of HR and have gotten myself into trouble a couple of times at the grocery etc. I have gone back to wearing compression hose and trying to ride the bike in the mornings to get things circulating and of course keeping really aware of sodium and fluids as low volume is also a problem for me.

Based on the last month I am really hopeful that I can manage without bb. I know you have a really good doctor. I hope he can help you figure out something that works for you. Good luck.

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It surprises me how the recommendation differs so dramatically between doctor to doctor ... and indeed between cardiologist to cardiologist.

After one of my last holter monitors some 5 years ago I have a cardiologist insist I start beta blockers etc ... for my "rapid heart rate" episodes. I saw another cardiologist -- who looked at the same results -- who added the tilt table test to confirm I have POTS and who then explained to me that the tacycardia really wasn't a problem for me. It was my bodies best attempt at correcting my drop in blood pressure.

So I stopped while I was ahead. I do wear compression stockings when I am having very bad spells and I electrolytes have also helped me in the past.

Each of us seem to find a path that "feels right" -- keep on keeping on until you find something that seems to fit for you. And remember what may work today ... may not work next year -- indeed it is always an adventure.

Good thoughts,


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