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The Doctor Lied To Me - Growl!

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So, I called my Gyno for the results of the tests she did (yeasts, etc) and decided to ask the question about what my progesterone levels were in 2006 as she told me they were low during the appt. SHE NEVER DID A PROGESTERONE LEVEL ON ME!

She blatantly lied to me about what the levels were a year ago - AS NO TEST HAD BEEN DONE. She told me they were normal a year ago. Now I know why she didn't want me to have a copy of the records. BECAUSE THERE WEREN'T ANY! Seriously ***?

I'm going to find another doctor. This is freakin' ludicrous!

Anyone know of a good gyno around Hartford, CT? Specifically one that knows how to deal with people who have a whole host of medical problems and who HATE being LIED to?


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If you have a doctor that you DO trust, ask them first. Then move on to friends or coworkers. I have interviewed several docs and been extremely blunt with all of them, if they balk, I walk. Don't be afraid to go to another city, generally, you'll only see your GYN once or twice a year, so the drive is acceptable for a good one. Good luck!


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Hi, Sara:

I haven't been to the GYN in too long (shame on me), as I've been focused on all the other health issues and ignoring health maintenance. The last GYN I went to was really great, though. I hadn't been diagnosed with POTS, yet, but was still quite a mess when it came to my health. I'll see if I can find his name and send it to you. He was off the Berlin Turnpike in Newington. Are you okay with a male GYN?

Hello fellow Nutmegger!

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