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Hello everyone,

I am glad to have a place to talk to and read with people who understand what I am talking about. I have been recently diagnosed with POTS and Vasavagal neurocardiogenic Syncope and I know people mean well, but no one gets it! They really just don't understand what you are going through. And if you aren't passing out or weaving around... they tell you "but you look okay" I have got to the point now when people ask me how I feel, I tell them crappy and how about you. My husband and boys mean well, but they have turned into Gatorade Nazi's. Mom are you drinking, mom why are you not drinking, mom let me get you a drink. Honey are you okay? How are you feeling? Do you need to sit down, lay down... sometimes I feel like running off and screaming. But I would not get very far and I would ruin my exit by passing out. :)

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Pat--Welcome to the forum, you will find many kind , compassionate friends here. People who understand what you are going through and best of all---we are not at your house being Gatorade nazis ( thats the funniest thing i've heard in a long time) The picture of it cracks me up!!!! :) Also made me rethink my treatment of my daughter Sara( the reason I'm here). Anyways, welcome and heres hoping you have a great day and many, many more---- :angry:


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