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I have not logged on for a while as I continue to have considerably good health - a few off days, but nothing compared to the way I was previously. I would like to thank the moderators for posting my birthday, which is today. I'm waiting for all my family to arrive and a year ago this would have been unbearable, but today I am looking forward to all the celebrations. I just wanted to once again express my sincere gratitude to all the members who despite their debilitating symptoms, gave me help and encouragement to keep my chin up. I wish everyone the best health they can have whilst coping with the symptoms of POTS and all other related conditions. I hope my situation might give others the strength to keep going, and who knows, you may also return to better health as I have done. I know it may not be forever, but what is - I just take each day as it comes and thank GOD for my good days and my not so good days, because without these I would get complacent and as all POTS people know - you never know when it will reappear again. For today, I am well as I can be, and once again thank you all for your help and support.

Love and hugs from Liz Bxxx

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Guest tearose

Happy Birthday Week! I think you should keep celebrating.

Good to hear that you are doing so well. I am glad you found the strength to push on and have improved. I hear you when you speak of reaching to a higher energy/God for strength too. I ask the universe/divine to keep sending me the grace and strength to continue. Besides getting tons of support here, I believe these positive/spiritual meditations have also helped me to push forward.

You have good reason to feel joy!

best regards,


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