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Vanderbilt Clinic Vist Scheduled


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I have my appt. at the Vanderbilt Clinic with Dr. Raj on August 28. I was surprised to get in so quickly having heard of the longer usual wait (the next choice for an appt. was March '09).

It looks like from the paperwork that they are going to be doing a number of similar tests that I have already had. I am hoping for a more "clear" diagnosis as my EP doc has only diagnosed me with the general "dysautonomia," basically orthostatic intolerance due to low blood volume (which has improved about 60% with florinef and clonidine and more sodium). Although I still have my "hazy" days unpredictably, my real concerns are several new neurological issues that are going on. I am seeing an Autonomic Neurophysiologist in Dallas before I go to Vanderbilt.

Dr. Raj is a pharmacolgist, and I am hoping for a "tuned up" medication regimen.

I have read several of your experiences in the studies they do at Vanderbilt, I was hoping to hear from those who have just gone to the clinic and those who may have seen Dr. Raj for any insight.

Thansk! Joe

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