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How Long Is It Suppose To Take For Zoloft To Help Pots

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;) i was wondering if anyone who has tried zoloft for pots help, knows how long it takes to see a change and if anyone had sucess...ive been on zoloft for a little over a month but my heart rate is still awful

You're gonna get the usual "depends on the individual" answer on this one I bet. I can tell you there is no set amount of time for Zoloft to take it's full affect. I would give it at least a good 8 weeks and by then I would think the Zoloft would be helping the best it can. If after that you see no improvement, perhaps you could talk to your doc about trying a different dose or trying a different SSRI or SNRI for example.

In my experience with SSRIs (actually I'm on an SNRI Cymbalta which is similar except it also works on norepinephrine) is that they made the severity of my POTS symptoms less, particularly in hr improvement and anxiety/depression, but don't expect a cure. Hope it kicks in and offers you similar benefits, but if not there are other meds similar that may help.


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I saw a benefit relatively quick, but the drs. say to give it at least a month and that the dosage may have to be fine tuned. Also, for some Zoloft may not be the answer and another maybe a better fit. Zoloft has helped me a lot, but everyone is different. Also, it has been overall that it has helped, and not necesarily my HR. My HR still gets quite high at times/frequently.

Is your symptoms worse then before due to the meds, or about the same, like the meds haven't helped? What dose are you on?

Hope that helps! ;)

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