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tilt table test


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I personally think that it is practical for a child to have this procedure done, because it will give the doctors a lot of information about his condition. While it's no fun, I am glad I had mine done because it confirmed my diagnosis and allowed the docs to see that there really were a lot of things going on with my body. I know it's hard to see your children go through *anything* tough, but it would hopefully provide you with some answers so that your son can get proper treatment. Here is a link from my doctor's website with more info about the test (he is a pediatric cardiologist):


Good luck :P

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The test is not typically physically painful, except for the IV. If he faints or has a near faint, he might feel kind of icky, but once that happens, the test will be almost over. My test was only 15 minutes long because they could see what they needed on the readout that quickly. It really will help the doctors plan the right course of treatment and confirm the diagnosis--if they don't confirm it, than it may mean that there's a different reason for your son's symptoms that might require an entirely different approach than what you'd do for POTS.

Nina :P

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