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What Do People Take For Nausea?

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i have constant nauseau that comes and goes as quickly as it appears... very strange,, usually have no appetite when it happens and a sick feeling in stomach.... i have been taking promethazine (phenergan) for nauseau but it is raising my heart rate, which i don't need... i have also tried zofran- did nothing for me and compazine (was horrible).. all these meds make my heart race but the nausea is overwhelming and I need some relief...

for those that suffer with nausea, what do you take? Also, is this a POTS thing?



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Dysautonomia can cause nausea, so it could just be a POTS thing. Another possibility is gastroparesis. You mentioned in different topic that you are going to be tested for it. You may find that gastroparesis is the reason for your nausea.

Peppermint tea helps me quite a bit in relieving nausea. Ginger root capsules also help. The biggest helps for me have been diet changes since being diagnosed with gastroparesis. I now eat low fat, low fiber. I make sure to have small meals. Eating soft and liquid foods has also helped (Ensure, pudding, soup, milkshakes). If I'm nauseated after eating, lying on my right side instead of my back makes me feel less nauseated.

I hope you can find what works for you.


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