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NEW POTS patient in NC needs your help

Guest Julia

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Hello everyone,

There is a POTS patient in North Carolina who needs to relate with other POTS patients in her area. Unfortunately she does not have a computer right now. I did give her the e-mail address of the support group leaders for NC from this web site. There was no mailing address or phone number, howerever. She said she could go to her in-laws computer and e-mail a messages to the leaders of the support groups in NC.

She wanted me to give her address and ph# out also.

Allison Reid

700 Link St.

Wilkesboro, NC 28697 PH# 336-667-1294

I also told her about the (meet others) link in this web site which can can also access from eaither her in-laws computer---or a computer at the local library.

I can also send e-mail address to her via regular mail. Thank you in advance for your help.

Julie :0)

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Yes I did give her the information as I talked to her on the phone. she will have to go to her mother in laws to e-mail all the support leaders that I got off both the NDRF web site and this one.

Thanks so much for sending your reply---it means a lot.

Julie :P

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