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Need a good doctor!


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This is my first time posting, although I found this site recently while doing endless searches of my symptoms. I don't know if I can mentally or emotionally explain my history right now, since I had a long-awaited appointment with another cardiologist today and left feeling like that was my last hope. I am basically at that point where I feel like I am too exhausted and frustrated to do this anymore.(Of course, I have been here before, but always seem to bounce back to go one more round) I knew as soon as I got there that it was not going to go well. The more I answered questions, and then took my blood pressure, etc..., the more the nurse and practitioner looked at me with that all-too-familiar look. Then, the doctor came in and looked at the nurse's notes and began by asking me how many children I have. His next questions revolved around whether or not I work, am I a perfectionist, what does a "normal" day consist of, etc... I totally lost it and cried! I vowed I wouldn't do this in front of another doctor (especially a man). I sobbed while I told him that I was so tired of being scrutinized by doctors and being told that my symptoms are basically stress or CFS or whatever. He told me that there is a mind/body connection and sometimes people just don't even realize what might be underlying and he strongly recommends a psychologist. :rolleyes: Of course, I cried all the more, not because I am unstable, but because I couldn't take hearing that crap again and was so frustrated. Of course, my bawling probably made him think that he was all the more right. I basically refused the tests he said he was going to do (I had them all before anyway) because he said he was only doing them to be complete. Anyway, the main reason I am here right now is because I am convinced that after all these years of struggling to function, that I am hopefully in the right place. I need to find a doctor near me that can let me know for sure though. I looked at your links, but didn't see any for upstate New York. Does anyone know of any near the Buffalo area? I can't put myself through another doctor making me feel crazy again, the next one I go to has to be the right one. Please help if you can. Thank you.


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Here are four different resources for finding doctors who are familiar with autonomic disorders.






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