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  1. Does anyone ever have headaches where it is worse when you shake your head , and then your eyes feal real tired and it feals like you just have a lot of pressure in your head like it is going to explode. The weired thing is when I am still it dont hurt real bad , it is just a very dull ache but when I shake my head it hurts a lot and when I move a lot and it does not happen every day but sometimes. I guess sometimes the pressure feals like all the blood is rishing to my head like im upside down even when my heart rate is normal. Anyone ever get this?
  2. Dont worry , as soon as I get this I will post it . I was just excited because I hate the fact that so many of us have to suffer and have a small hole of hope that this drug will work. As for when this or if this comes out I do not know but I do know on all the people it has been tried on it has worked . I am not 100 % sure of the specifics of why it works but that is what the study will be good for once I get it:) I hope you all have a good day and just pray that this med comes out and works like they say it may. Will be posting the study in about 2 days .
  3. As some of you may or may not know , this POTS has hit me very hard at a hard time in my life. I am a professional musician with the band H20 . We have just signed with Columbia Records and will begin our tour and cd release in December. I talked with some people in the industry and asked them if they could get me just a conversation with a POTS Specialist or someone that knows " almost " everything about POTS. We I got to talk with this doctor by the name of Phillip Low and his team. The good news out of the whole convo was the fact they are developing a pill to get rid of POTS symtoms in 99
  4. I have been severely constipated for the past two weeks. I have had a few bowel movements but it feels like it takes everything I am to use the bathroom and I can only go with laxatives. It feels like my stomach has knots in it and it is worse when I stand up. It feels like I have air or gas in my stomach and I can feel it in my abdomen and my back. Has anyone ever had this problem with POTS?
  5. I went to the doc and was a spec ialist on hand. He felt my abdomen and listened to my heart and lungs and then took a stool sample and urine test along with BP AND Heart rate of course. He said a lot of my problems could be coming from the fact that I have been in bed almost 2 weeks . He assured me I did not have colon cancer or any other ailmenst for that matter , he did think I have temp postural intolerance because of weight loss and anxiety , is what he said . Everything in all my test done last night came back ok. So I am only to assume the problems I am having is due to the POTS or just
  6. yes have read all about the tilt table test. The question I now have is , does anyone ever get either groin pain or leg pain like a dull aching pain , also in the lower abdomen. I have lost some weight sence all of this and is that also a common thing . Im more worried about my pain , it is uncomfortable in certain posistions Also what was the link to the POTS symtoms or whatever?
  7. I am scared for a few reasons , at first I thought for sure I had POTS but noiw am worried that it may be a abdominal aortic anurysm or howevere you spell that . I nam sorry I am posting thias and I am sure this post may get on your nerves but I have been to the doc three years ago for this same thing. Is this POTS or something else. My symtoms are hard heart beat in stomach , it feals like the muscles in my stomach are very tight and I dont get the urge to use the bathroom very much . I used the bathroom for the first time in a 4 days the day before yesterday. When I stand up it feals like my
  8. The thing I do not understand is , my stonach feels tight recently and in my back and I do not really have pain but it feals like my stomacvh is full of gas and no matter what I do sometimes it just feals like the muscles in my stomach are always tight and I do not understand that?
  9. Has anyone ever felt heart beat in stomach , not just when the heart is beating fast but when laying and at rest when the heart is at a normal rythm. I have been to the doc and they have not ever found anything in my stomach but still seem to be worried about a abdominal aortic aneurysm eventhough I have been evaluated many many times. I was just curious if anyone at all ever gets this . Also does anyone ever have leg pains with POTS. It feals like both of my legs muscles are aching and dull pain. Was just wondering if anyone at all ever gets this so maybe it will ease my mind because on top
  10. Is it normal for POTS patients blood pressure to raise when standing along with the heart rate increase? I thought that people with POTS have a low BP when standing but lately I have been really fealing bad when I stand and blood pressure raises to about 140/100 and my heart rate raises to about 140. Then I start fealing like all the blood rushes to my head and it feals like my head is full of something. Anyone else ever feal this way. It scares me because I am going through heck with this and eventhough docs think I may not have POTS I know I do , but I think the majority of my problem is my
  11. Hey everyone , I have not been fealing good all night , I have felt like i could not breath right and when I just went to check my mail I felt like I almost passed out but my heart was not fast that I know of and I felt like my breathing was shallow but I did not pass out , as soon as I layed down my heart was beating hard but not fast and then I felt so much better. Does this happen to any of the rest of you and the reason I asked is because it scared me .
  12. Hey , I hope that you are doing ok , I am new to the forum and do not really know many people but I have been praying for those that were affected by this hurricane and hope that you are ok. I know how hard it is because our home got destroyed when I lived in Miami Beach FLA during Hurricane Andrew but we made it. I am not sure if I have POTS and either is the doc so that is my situation right now but hey sometimes I feel awesome and sometimes like total crap. Anyways hope all is good with you and I will continue to pray for you and fam Chad Klein
  13. I have not had any caffeine in about a week until today , I have been mostly drinking water or kool aid. Today I had some pepsi to drink and have eaten pizza and lots of chips. My heart rate and BP yesterday was ok and today when I stand up my heart rate is about 130 max and BP max is 145 / 108 . If this bad , and should I worry and could it be from what I drank and if I drink water will it maybe clear it up? Any of the rest of you get this.
  14. steph37822 I have a question for you or anhyone really I went to a doc that knows all about POTS and has diagnosed over 25 people with POTS. He did his version os a tilt table test , made me lay down upside down in a table thing and took my heart rate and BP. When laying my BP was about 108 / 80 which is almost perfect but my heart rate was about 60. He took my BP sitting up and the BP went up a little to about 112 / 80 and heart rate went up to about 75. Then he took my BP and heart rate standing and my heart rate standing was 112 and BP 116 / 80 . He said that this was not typical of POTS pa
  15. Ok the pacemaker thing scares me , when you first knew you had POTS did you heart rate go that low then or over time because I just dont understand a lot of whats going on . Pacemaker sounds scary and I dont know anything about them , the docs here are not very smart it seems but o well what can ya do. My heart rate I have never seen go lover than 50. I am sitting up right right now and it is about 66. When I lay down it drops a little more. This will noit kill me will it ? My doc sais no but I trust you people more lol. I am only 21 and a male and yes it seems rare that I would get this . I w
  16. When I lay down my heart rate is sometimes about 56 , is that ok? When I get up it rises higher to about 112. I do think that I have POTS and I know it will not kill you but it still gives me anxiety attacks when my heart rate rises so much , does anyone else have anxiety with this. I am starting to get depressed because up until about 2 weeks ago my life was awesome and now I have to plan everything on if my heart rate is ok. I guess the main question I have is , is it normal when you are at rest with POTS for your heart rate to be between 55 and 65 and then on standing it rises. My blood pre
  17. i have had test and test over the years , and I am only 21. They have done x rays ,ECG'S and you name. I had a question, what are some dangerous arrythmias and would the doc have found it?
  18. And here is one more question, I have done this for 6 years now . It seems after ever episode of anxiety I Yawn all the time to get that refreshing breath and it feals like my lungs are tired and the doc said it is probally because I am concious of yawing or has becomg a habit and I think that is right but anyone else ever had that problem where it feal like it takes you 15 times to yawn to get the o2 to hit the back of your lungs. I have heard healthy people get this sometimes from nerves but not sure
  19. I understand where you are coming from but the past week almost I have monitored my BP standing , sitting , laying down , when my heart was beating real fate , when it was slow , and even in the hospital and it has not one time been above or below normal.
  20. The doc knew about POTS and I had my BP taken standing up and laying down and sitting and in all cases it was perfect even on the tilt tabel test thing it was good and he concluded I did not have POTS but yet all my symtoms are just like it . Now yes , the past 2 days my heart has not raced near as much and I have been able to get up and walk around and etc and have been gettiing better day by day. The only problems I am having now is that it feals like all the blood is rushing to my head and I have a minor headache. He said that all these symtoms are related to anxiety and some previous dehyd
  21. I have heard that Celexa which I use to take for anxiety and zoloft can cure POTS or at least make the symtoms go away for a lot of people . Has anyone ever heard of this . I saw this on a site and another question. I am new to this , if I have pots I am not going to die am I ? Everyone sais they dont know of anyone that has died from POTS. Also how long does it last because I had the exact same symtoms 3 years agto and I was transported to the hospital and they gave me 7 bags of fluid because I was dehydrated so I am wondering if I am feeling this way because I am dehydrated. What I am trying
  22. I was told that men very very very rarely get POTS. The reason I have researched this is because I have suffered from severe anxiety attacks almost my whole life . About 3 years ago I had a episode that when I sat up or stood up I felt like blood was filling my lungs and my heart was almost 200 BPM. I was taken zoloftup until November of last year and quit. Well the oddest things trigger my anxiety attacks and this time it was the space shuttle taking off and that was about what 2 weeks ago and now for the past 2 weeks I have been very nervous and having panic attacks but 3 days ago I called
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