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  1. I am looking for a health professional (preferably a GP, in the ACT) I can see that really knows about managing HSD, dysautonomia (with MVP), POTS, inflammatory arthritis (PsA). I can travel to surrounding NSW, maybe even Sydney if I have to but Melbourne is too far (I know there is a POTS cardiologist there). I am very tired of blank looks, references to managing 'lifestyle factors' (already do all that to best of recommendations), and referrals to specialists who are dismissive and silent.
  2. I have PsA (Psoriatic arthritis) and secondary Dysautonomia. I have just had two days of increased symptoms incl. migraine (overnight the night before last), increased sweating for the last 2 days + night sweats, chest pain, sore throat, fatigue, shakiness etc (the usual stuff that comes & goes but worse), but in addition a low Pulse Ox (SpO2) of 88% average overnight. My guess is that it's to do with a MAST Cell type activation - inflammatory, ANS response? (Edit - I think I may have been lying on my arm when sleeping, reducing the blood flow & hence o2 levels. When monitored via my ankle my SpO2 is at normal levels (94% overnight). It just goes to show how trying to make sense of all the symptoms and the fluidity of the dysautonomia lived experience can feel like quite a puzzle being puzzled mostly alone. I am slowly working out what is happening and sometimes wander down the wrong path for a bit!).
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