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Specialist or Specialising GP in ACT or NSW Australia

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I am looking for a health professional (preferably a GP, in the ACT) I can see that really knows about managing HSD, dysautonomia (with MVP), POTS, inflammatory arthritis (PsA). I can travel to surrounding NSW, maybe even Sydney if I have to but Melbourne is too far (I know there is a POTS cardiologist there).

I am very tired of blank looks, references to managing 'lifestyle factors' (already do all that to best of recommendations), and referrals to specialists who are dismissive and silent.

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@KaraKS, I have found this Facebook group to be good for local recommendations:


(If you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s worth creating one just for this purpose. You can always delete it later.)

I’m afraid I live near Melbourne but just wanted to say hello as a fellow Aussie. I am sure some other folks will be along with recommendations soon.

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I see Dr Ron Granot in Sydney, he a neurologist and was amazing at diagnosing my small fibre neuropathy that causes autonomic dysfunction. In Canberra I have seen a lovely cardiologist called Dr Soh in Deakin who gave me plenty of time discussing how to manage blood pressure issues. I haven’t found the perfect GP. I hope that helps, good luck.

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