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  1. Low RR thread: https://www.dinet.org/forums/topic/31630-low-respiratory-rate-anyone/ Same here slow inefficient breathing.
  2. https://www.dinet.org/forums/topic/31630-low-respiratory-rate-anyone/
  3. "MCAS has been estimated to affect as many as 17% of the population with a severity ranging from mild to life-threatening." Ref On 11/9/2020 at 6:11 PM, KiminOrlando said: See Supplementary Table 4
  4. Thanks. Nice tab btw. https://www.dinet.org/links https://www.dinet.org/links/postural-tachycardia-syndrome-a-practical-guide-to-management-and-associated-conditions-r270/
  5. I placed it within a pinned thread on POIScenter. Ignore the POIS stuff, scroll down to other conditions, it's under the '1' next to POTS. It contains more useful links: POIS paper treatment summary
  6. I kept records of measurements. Sometimes it showed a HR change of near, but below 30bpm despite heavy symptoms. But taking many occasions into account of >30bpm within 10 min gives you a different view on the situation. I took measurements on healthy people as well as reference to check if the device kept working properly. Showed it to a specialist.
  7. No, did not do a sleep study. I don't have problems with sleep at this moment regarding breathing (I might idk, that's what the screening is for I guess). Had problems with sleep in the past when my POTS peaked, woke up every morning exactly at 5:00 am with a focal headache but that's another story. Also woke up once with a bell's palsy (woke up with my left eye open).
  8. Not diagnosed with MCAS but I suspect it's playing a role in my symptomatology: Case description No seizures though. One of the worst triggers is release of (pre)ejaculate.
  9. Once every 10 seconds for the last two days in rest (sitting), so it's ~6/min (if I'm using a stopwatch, very subjective, age=35 in 2020). This needs to be objectified by measuring devices and for longer periods though. Sometimes breathing just stalls and have to remind myself to keep breathing. Thanks for this thread now I know it's far below normal. There also seems to be something going on with my heart, not sure what.
  10. A potential new pathophysiology for POTS? Mechanism of choline deficiency and membrane alteration in postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome primary skin fibroblasts
  11. I had episodes of these, though they are rare. No idea if this had anything to do with dysautonomia related symptoms or any of my other complaints.
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