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  1. Thanks, Ashc - I'll try the tea. No, I haven't tried a hot compress - I would have thought that would exacerbate the swelling, as I find that heat can be a trigger. Have you found this helpful?
  2. Thanks, Muon - will look into this!
  3. Hi sjoh197. I am experiencing the same symptoms. My hands, legs, face and general body turn red and swell up throughout the day. I had all the allergy tests done as well as autoimmune but none of them presented any issues. My rheumatologist has concluded that it is blood capillaries swelling and flushing up to the skin. Did you manage to shed any more light on it since your post?
  4. Hi everyone I also experience reactions to food - specifically, a swelling across the body (most noticeably in the legs). I think this is blood pooling. It seems to be worsened by certain types of food, such as carbs, dairy etc; however, it happens to a certain degree every time I eat. Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have a diet that has worked for them? Thanks very much Claire
  5. Hi Emma Hope you're well. I have found that I also have reactions to eating, particularly swelling across the body (most noticeably in the legs). Is this something you also experience? Did your POTS specialist shed any light on this? Thanks Claire
  6. Hi Kalamazoo. Hope you're well. Did you ever receive a diagnosis for this? Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone I have recently been diagnosed with dysautonomia (along with hypermobility syndrome). One of my more visible symptoms is swelling around the body, particularly in the legs. This is triggered by stress, changes in temperature etc. I have noticed that this is also triggered by certain types of food (such as certain carbs, dairy etc.). I was wondering whether anyone else had experienced these symptoms, and whether anyone could describe a diet plan that they had found useful / suggest certain foods which they found should be included or avoided? Thanks very much. C
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