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  1. Hi Alice Jean! I'm so sorry to hear that you are having issues since your ablation as well - I am interested to hear your story - will send you an email this evening!
  2. Thanks so much for your reply, Sushi!! I agree that some of the nerves may have been ablated in my heart, especially since my ablation was in the right atrium, which apparently has a much higher density of autonomic nerve than the left atrium. I asked the EP who did the ablation and the tilt test about this twice, and both times he seemed to dismiss the idea. I actually have an appt for a second opinion with another ER tomorrow morning, so we'll see what that brings. And I totally don't blame you for holding off on the ablation for this reason!! From what I have read, I think AFib abl
  3. ...and WOW was I in for a big surprise!! So, brief history in case it helps anyone - I was fairly healthy and considered myself fairly normal (other than an SVT and associated pretty bad health anxiety that went along with that) up until having an ablation for it back in June 2019. After the ablation, I developed an overall much faster and more reactive heart rate, and started getting bad reactions to things like heat, certain foods, moderate exertion, and alcohol - none of which I had a major problem with before. I was finally diagonsed with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia last month,
  4. I started having constant dysequilibrium and elevator sensations like this 9 or 10 years ago along with general fatigue, brain fog, and a feeling of disconnectedness from my body - I was pretty sure I was dying lol. It turned out to be an inner ear issue - the official diagnosis for me was/is vestibular migraine.
  5. Hi all - does anyone have any experience with very light social drinking (like one glass of wine consumed slowly with food) while taking ivabradine? I'm planning on starting ivabradine tomorrow and don't see any warnings on the medication bottle regarding this (only grapefruit) so just wanted to see what people's experiences were?
  6. I have been having similar things happen after eating and drinking certain things since I developed IST (and possibly POTS). I can have horrible pounding tachycardia while just sitting there after eating (110 - 140 bpm), and sometimes a tingling feeling in my chest, a feeling like there is a heavy weight or pressure on my chest, and shortness of breath. The things I can no longer tolerate mostly seem to be fermented - vinegar, soy sauce, wine - although I have occasionally noticed it when I haven't had those things as well. At first I chalked it up to my heart being irritable after my ablat
  7. I have IST (tilt table for POTS is pending so I'm currently not sure if I have POTS in addition to IST or not) and I definitely get worse when I don't sleep and/or am stressed - my whole baseline/resting heart rate shifts up even further and my heart gets even more "reactive" to movement, stress, etc. than it already is. I can clearly see the difference in the heart rate data recorded by my Apple Watch and Fitbit, so I'm pretty sure it's not all in my head lol. My monthly female hormonal shifts seem to affect it as well.
  8. Thanks so much for the kind welcome and helpful information, Pistol!! As for the diltiazem, I found that although it lowered my heart rate a bit, it made me overall feel funny (maybe because my blood pressure is not high to begin with), gave me a few extra PAC's/PVC's (which I have had an increase in since the ablation and can feel every single one-not fun), and it also seemed to make my heart beat HARDER, even though it was a tad slower - overall, not a completely horrible med for me, but not awesome so I wanted to try my other options. I decided today to try ivabradine before I try
  9. Hi everyone - this may be a totally ridiculous question (sorry!), but I have a TTT scheduled for early January. This will be my first - and even though I am the one who pushed my EP into doing it, I'm starting to freak out a bit reading about people's experiences. I have never actually completely passed out in my life, though I have come close a few times, and my biggest fear is that if I actually DO pass out or have some other sort of wickedly bad reaction to the TTT, that it will trigger something in my body and make me either temporarily or permanently worse...this kind of happened to me
  10. Hi everyone! I just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 46 year old female who has had issues with an overly fast and extra-reactive heart rate after having a radiofrequency catheter ablation for an atrial tachycardia (a less common type of SVT) 6 months ago. I was just diagnosed yesterday with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia by the EP who did the ablation. I mentioned that I would like to be tested for POTS as well since my heart rate goes up around 35 bpm when standing (I don't have EDS, but I definitely don't have the greatest leg veins and I have some blood pooling go
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