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  1. I have had low, sometimes critically low, potassium most of my adult life, and this in spite of taking prescribed potassium supplements. Unfortunately, I now have congestive heart failure and some other heart issues, so I have to take a diuretic. Diuretics tend to leach potassium from the body. I do wonder if this potassium deficiency that seems to affect so many of us is related to our dysautonomia. Has your doctor recommended prescription-strength potassium supplements? That might help. There are a couple of prescription potassium supplements out there now that are not as difficult to swallow as the original enormous potassium chloride tablets. Might be worth looking into. You would probably need your potassium levels checked from time to time -- I do. OTC potassium supplements are really worthless. Also, try potassium-rich foods. One of the best is low-sodium V-8; lots of potassium, not a lot of sodium to overbalance it. Best wishes -- this is a stubborn problem, I know.
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