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  1. Notice one thing about article about Kratom? They never give death statitiscs. It’s all speculation, IMO, and they say things like , “calls to poison control centers regarding KRATOM have increased (x amount”. Just because someone took to much and started vomiting and feels like s*** does NOT necessarily mean it’s piosonous or harmful. this stuff will make you feel nauseous and crappy if you take to much. That’s about it, in my experience.
  2. By the way, I also take Provigil. They prescribe me 200mg tablets but if I take even half that much it makes me shake like a skinny chuaghua on a cold day. Lol I take half of a half and it helps give me energy and clears my head a bit. I only take 50mg.
  3. I also use Cannabis in the evening. Doesn’t do a whole lot unless you combine it with pure Cannabis Sativa extracted CBD oil. Now THAT helps. CBD topical solution is unbelievable for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have never in my life had a topical solution do ANYTJING. This stuff works. I go through a company called “ Angel Tears” out of colorado. It’s legal to send through mail and it’s legal in many states. People have no clue, not even an incling of how bad we have it. When I feel the brain fog hitting and my head feels like it’s turning on a swivel, mKtatom takes it away. It’s the best thing I have used for brain fog.
  4. Been dealing with POTs for over a decade. KRATOM is a LIFE SAVER for me. It is NOT HARMFUL. Read the reports. They dont have ANY hard data they are speculating, IMO. Been taking KRATOM for years and yes, it has side effects IF YOU TAKE TO MUCH! That’s the #1 problem when people say the get sick. The other thing that will make you sick is taking pills full of powder. You MUST make tea out of it with some lemon, in my experience. IMO you just let your body get used to it before you try and sock yourself with the max dose of 5g. I worked up to 5 grams twice a day ovevthe corse of months. It reduces the shaking and brain fog by 50% and sometimes more! I literally can’t function without it. KRATOM tea. I suggest that you not eat the powder because if you have digestive issue due to dysautonimia as I do, it will make you sicker than you feel now plus it hurts like h***. The powder anilate my stomach lining.
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