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  1. The pain and visual disturbances are always there neverending. From what I’ve been told the migraines with aura wouldn’t stay all the time. It has gotten progressively worse to where life is pretty much at a stand still. I just Pray from the bottom of my heart for relief for things to get back to normal please Lord. This has all but taken life from me. I have been clinically diagnosed with Lyme and a coinfection babesia but it wasn’t a strong positive. I’ve been on iv treatment for several weeks with things only getting worse. I did go back to my lyme doctor Thursday and he added a bunch of medicine I am just Praying with everything in me that this will be the answer to healing. Whenever things just continue to get worse it’s hard to stay positive that it’s gonna get better I am just Praying so so hard this medicine he added will be my key to healing back to normal. I have been through so much without any help it is unreal. I’m just keeping all my faith in God that things will work out and be restored back to normal. So many problems like this it’s so hard not to fear there’s something else going on I would just like to think with all the head scans and things I’ve had there’s no way they could have missed anything at all. Please anyone that has experienced anything like this please continue to help if you can. Thank you so much and God bless all
  2. I have astigmatism too in one eye always wore contacts until the pain set in. It never did bother me until all this started going on. Nothing really like the picture. I get a lot of head pressure especially when standing or bending. So much going on it’s unreal. Would love to wake up and this all be a bad memory please Lord. Thank you for the reply
  3. have been having such a terrible time for so long with eye pain and terrible visual disturbances. Been to multiple specialists neurologist many eye specialist neuro opthalmologist had an mri ct all with no avail. I definitely thank the Lord they haven’t found anything wrong in my brain or anything like that I am just beyond scared to death things just being so bad with no help whatsoever. The last few months it’s became debilitating progressing so fast I have no idea what to do. The pain is unreal like someone is taking a torch to your eyes at times. My eyes have became red also all the time. I’ll try and describe the visual problems or at least what I can think of there’s so much. Terrible visual afterimages constantly seeing everything you look at repeatedly, seeing clear outlines of everything you look at whenever it’s bright, tons of floaters, white dots everywhere whenever looking at the sky or anything bright, flashes of light all the time from white to blue or black. Even when I close my eyes I always see blue light even when I’m a dark room with my eyes closed for hours I can’t ever get rid of this. I never heard of anyone seeing blue like this all the time with eyes closed. Also have an arc of light in the side of my right eye almost all the time, extremely bad light sensitivity, if I see any glare of light or head or taillights or anything it gets burned into my eyes for minutes. I cannot find help it is progressing so fast I’m beyond terrified. I can even look at my phone or anything and look around and see a black outline of whatever I was looking at for minutes. There is so much more going on with my vision and head pressure and so much more I could never list it all. I also have been having weird pains and feelings in my head muscle twitches almost nonstop and so much more. If anyone has experienced anything like this please help me. I have lost all faith in the medical field just keep getting put off months at a time. I Pray more than anything for healing. I would do anything work for free the rest of my life just to have my health back please my Lord. Please anyone that can help it would be greatly appreciated I’m beyond desperate. Thank you so much and God bless
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