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  1. The pain and visual disturbances are always there neverending. From what I’ve been told the migraines with aura wouldn’t stay all the time. It has gotten progressively worse to where life is pretty much at a stand still. I just Pray from the bottom of my heart for relief for things to get back to normal please Lord. This has all but taken life from me. I have been clinically diagnosed with Lyme and a coinfection babesia but it wasn’t a strong positive. I’ve been on iv treatment for several weeks with things only getting worse. I did go back to my lyme doctor Thursday and he added a bunch of me
  2. I have astigmatism too in one eye always wore contacts until the pain set in. It never did bother me until all this started going on. Nothing really like the picture. I get a lot of head pressure especially when standing or bending. So much going on it’s unreal. Would love to wake up and this all be a bad memory please Lord. Thank you for the reply
  3. have been having such a terrible time for so long with eye pain and terrible visual disturbances. Been to multiple specialists neurologist many eye specialist neuro opthalmologist had an mri ct all with no avail. I definitely thank the Lord they haven’t found anything wrong in my brain or anything like that I am just beyond scared to death things just being so bad with no help whatsoever. The last few months it’s became debilitating progressing so fast I have no idea what to do. The pain is unreal like someone is taking a torch to your eyes at times. My eyes have became red also all the time.
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