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  1. I get sort of the same thing sometimes, especially when I drink caffeine. However, mine occurs in both eyes simultaneously. I think it definitely could be related to POTS but I would definitely ask your doctor!
  2. Thank you for your insight! I too hope that I feel better soon My real confusion stems from why I feel so awful even though my heart rate and blood pressure are somewhat stable, even when standing. However, I have to often remind myself that POTS is so much more than tachycardia.
  3. Hello all, I am a 20 year old male with a confirmed diagnosis of POTS and SFN in my legs (biopsy proven). Other than SFN, there seems to be nothing else contributing to my dysautonomia. Doctors seem somewhat baffled as to how I developed SFN, however I did receive the Gardasil vaccine. However, my presentation of symptoms seems to differ from a lot of people on here so I am reaching out to see if anybody is similar to me? Upon standing, I do get tachycardia and meet the POTS criteria briefly, but then my heart rate will actually start to regulate and go back down to baseline when it hits
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