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  1. Hi all. I have had POTS for years and do a fairly good job of managing however whenever I get a new symptom (which is often!!), I come to this site to see if it's POTS or if it's something else. This site has helped me so many times! But now I'm experiencing a new symptom and couldn't find any answers when I searched. My left eyeball occasionally makes involuntarily movements from left to right. It feels like twitching but I was looking in the mirror when it happened and the eye itself was moving and not the eyelid.. They were extremely small, rapid movements but I can feel/see it and it's uncomfortable. Is this a POTS thing or could it be something else? Thanks for all of your help!!
  2. I live in a city with an altitude of 2600 feet. We have a cabin in the mountains that is only one hour away and the altitude of the cabin is 9600 feet. Every time we go for a weekend, I get a huge flare of symptoms and feel terrible and then it takes days to feel "my normal" again. I am assuming that the flare is probably caused by the altitude change but was wondering if any of you had any thoughts. Also, might anyone have any ideas of how to minimize the symptoms? Thanks for helping!
  3. Have you thought about becoming a school nurse? They are always in need of them and the great part is you'd work a 7.5 hour day, have all holidays off, and would also have the summer off too. I am a teacher and it although some days are hard, it really is an ideal schedule for someone who needs/has to work and has POTS.
  4. I was diagnosed with POTS in April. About 2 years before, I was diagnosed with the West Nile virus and I had a heck of time fighting it. I had meningitis and it took over a year to mostly recover. I was just wondering what role, if any, that might have played in me getting POTS. Has anybody else had West Nile? I wonder if more people have had it and never knew it and now they're dealing with neurological issues (like POTS). Any thoughts? Thanks!!!!
  5. I have been living with POTS for 9 months but was just diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. To take a class at the University in my town, you have to have proof of immunizations for measles, mumps, and rubella. I want to enroll and take a course this summer, but I have to have proof that I either had the disease or proof of immunization. I took the blood test and it showed that I have no immunity to rubella or mumps and very little for the measles (even though I was immunized multiple times over the years). And since I am 44 years old, my mother no longer has my shot records!! That means I have to get the MMR shot if I want to take a class. Since I am new to this POTS stuff, I was just wondering if anybody knew how a shot like that might affect those of us with compromised systems. I'd hate to make things even worse! Thanks for your help and insight!!!
  6. I am 44 and was just diagnosed 3 weeks ago. I work full-time as a high school social studies teacher and have four kids (ages range from 3 to 12). My POTS isn't as bad as many of you, but I still experience total exhaustion. I just hope it doesn't get any worse!
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