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  1. I’m currently breastfeeding, so my options are limited. My cardio had me try two beta blockers, I think the only meds approved for breastfeeding mothers, but I didn’t like the feeling of being on them. My ob prescribed Zoloft, so I’m going to try that. I don’t know if it’s pots, but I know I had anxiety prior and currently it’s my greatest challenge, so at least I can treat that. Hopefully in getting the anxiety under control, I can figure out if my heart rate issues. My anxiety stems from not knowing and it’s only getting worse from not getting answers from my doctor. Since I don’t have
  2. I just came back here because I am so confused on what has been happening with me. I actually just saw an electrophysiologist who didn't agree with my POTS diagnosis. My situation is so weird that i don't even know what to make of it anymore. I had health anxiety following the birth of my 3rd child (she's 8 months now). Nothing crazy but it was there. In April, I had a burning in my chest, not alarming but then when I took my daughter to ballet, I was sitting and felt like I was about to pass out. I knew it was probably lack of sleep, food, water, but my anxiety got the best of me after googli
  3. I need encouragement. Anyone personally or know people who have mild pots and live a normal life? Kids, work, outdoor activities? My pots isn’t that bad and some days I question my diagnosis based on everyone else’s experience with it. High heart rate, especially in the mornings, is really my only symptom and I should just probably stay off google and stop checking my heart rate constantly and just live my life. But I’m scared. Everyone’s experience seems so much worse than mine and I’m just here almost waiting for it to get bad. Anyone have just mild pots and it’s stay
  4. Is there criteria for how long a heart rate has to stay elevated 20+ beats upon standing? If it drops within a minute or two is that still POTS?
  5. He prescribed propanonol (so?) but I haven’t taken it. Besides first thing in the morning, my heart rate really isn’t an issue and I didn’t want it to drop my already low blood pressure. He wants me to take florinef but says I would have to stop breastfeeding first. So right now I’m just drinking water and trying to increase salt. I was drinking electrolyte drinks on top of 100+ oz of water but feel like maybe it was making me dizzier? I just returned from vacation where I was drinking more like my prediagnosis water intake and I feel normal again. I don’t get dizzy upon standing, my resting
  6. I know this topic gets brought up A LOT but I have probably the opposite problem. Could I really just have anxiety and NOT Pots? Let me explain and sorry for the novel - I had a baby 6 months ago. Since getting pregnant I've had some health anxiety surrounding this birth. I had two other healthy pregnancies and babies, I couldn't get lucky again, right? During labor I had some issues with nearly blacking out after the epidural because my blood pressure dropped, they injected me with something and then I had problems the rest of delivery with a high heart rate. Everything turned out
  7. I know this is a old topic but maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Doctor suspects POTS for me and I’m only 5 months postpartum and breastfeeding. He’s already discussed wanting to put me on meds but that I would have to stop breastfeeding. I obviously want to feel better so I’m there for all of my children but I didn’t plan on stopping breastfeeding any time soon. What meds were you able to continue breastfeeding with? I’d love to be able to bring up alternatives with both my cardiologist and OB.
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