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  1. Anyone experience Pre-Syncope all the time? I almost never get rid of it. Most of the time it is medium strength, so i am not ever too worried about passing out, but it makes it really hard to concentrate and work. I am also very lethargic. Also I used to run 5 miles a day. Now I can barely walk into a grocery store. Anyone else experience this? Anyone else have exercise induced issues?
  2. I really Appreciate this letter. I recently started having symptoms consistent with DysAutonomia. I have been dealing with it for 4 months now. I went to a doctor at Month 1, after almost passing out after swimming. My symptoms are worst after long periods of standing or exercising, I think this is Probably close to NMS or NMH. I am pre-Syncope. Well, I go to my doctor and told him my symptoms. I told him about my vertigo, light headness, severe fatigue, always feeling tired in the mornings, and muscle ache. I also told him that I normally ran 5 miles a day ;(, I miss those days, and
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